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Dry eye syndrome is caused by a lack of lubrication on the front surface of the eye. It is a chronic progressive disease. Many times it is caused by inflammation. However, it is very treatable.

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Signs and Symptoms or Dry Eye

  1. Dryness, scratchiness , gritty feeling
  2. Burning
  3. Blurriness
  4. Sensitivity to light
  5. Excessive tearing
  6. Red eyes
  7. Irritation from wind
  8. Problems wearing contact lenses
  9. Eye fatigue at the end of the day

Causes of Dry Eyes

  1. Part of the natural aging process, especially in women over 40
  2. Side effect of many medications including birth control, antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medications and many others
  3. Health conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, Sjogren’s Syndrome and others
  4. Living or working in a dry environment
  5. Diets poor in essential fatty acids
  6. Contact lens wear
  7. Lasik surgery
  8. Usage of computer or digital device
  9. Smoking

Treatment of Dry Eye

Because dry eyes can have a number of causes, treatment may vary from patient to patient. Treatment may include artificial tears, nutritional supplements, steroid eye drops, prescription eye drops specifically tailored for dry eyes, lifestyle changes, punctal plugs, oral medications, lid hygiene, change in contact lens or solutions and specific sunglasses. It is best to make an appointment, tell us our specific problem and let us tailor a unique treatment for you.


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